In a dystopian world, IPv4 is no more...

.... there's only IPv6, which nobody understands nor knows how to use. Without getting used to it, you won't have a chance on this planet anymore.

Network IPs

Here are some important IPs that you might need:

  • fd00:1337::1337 - The gameserver where you can submit flags to on port 1337. To test your network connection, netcat port 4242.
  • fd00:1337:X::/48 - Team X's own subnet, where their services are accessible and your team member's systems should reside.
  • fd00:1337:X:Y::Z/64 - Team X's service has its own /64 subnet Y, where its dockerized containers have IP Z.


We will only route the fd00:1337::/32 within our game (VPN) network. No public connections over our game router will be possible.


The whole competition will take place within a VPN. It will be based on OpenVPN 2.4. and use IPv4 to connect to our OpenVPN instances. You can download your team's VPN configuration after signing up on this website. Keep in mind that the traffic between teams will only be possible after the first hour of the competition has passed. Also, services will only be installable once the CTF has started. If you would like to test your network, you can always "nc -vv fd00:1337::1337 4242"! ICMP might or might not work, don't rely on it.