E N O W A R S 4

Online Attack / Defense CTF competition

18th of July 2020 / 12:00 - 21:00 UTC

Hosted by ENOFLAG and SecT of TU Berlin

Hosted by ENOFLAG and SecT of TU Berlin


2020-06-25 Registration is open now.

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There was a time (a long long time ago) where everyone got to ENOResort on their holidays...

The children were swimming in the pool and the parents took sunbaths nearby.

A good time without stress and threats ... proper holidays !

But since the resort has closed, it has been the playground for hackers of all kinds...

No system is safe anymore but the resort soon reopens !

ENOWARS has asked teams around the world to help them re-securing the resort.

But can they patch malicious services and ensure that everyone enjoys their stay at ENOResort ?

WTF is Attack / Defense CTF?

Thanks to LiveOverflow for sharing this video with us.

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CTF-Team & Workgroup for Computer Security at the TU Berlin


IRC: #ENOWARS on freenode

MAIL: mail@enowars.com