Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact the organizers?

You can send an email to mail@enowars.com or find us in #ENOWARS on Freenode, or try Twitter! We won't give you any information or hints on the challenges, though ;-)

Who organizes this CTF?

Team ENOFLAG and students from SecT at TU Berlin.

What is an Attack-Defense CTF?

See Information.

Are the vulnboxes remotely hosted?

No! See below!

Do I need to host my own vulnbox?

YES! See VMs. We recommend a minimum host PC with 4 CPU cores and 8 GB of RAM.

How is the VPN realized?

We use OpenVPN 2.4. When logged in, you can download your vpn config file here.

Where do I download the vulnbox or other files?

When logged in, you can download all files you need here.

What is the FLAG format?

Look out for the string "ENO" ;)

Where do I find the scoreboard?


Will there be IPv4 connectivity in the game network?

NO. Just NO!

Do you support DNS?

Because IPv6 can be intimidating at times. We gave every team and service it’s own domain.
If you feel too lazy to write down IPv6 addresses you can use the following domains.

Name IP
flagbot.enowars.com fd00:1337::1337
team<teamid>.enowars.com fd00:1337:[teamid]::2
<servicename>.team<teamid>.enowars.com fd00:1337:[teamid]:[serviceprefix]::1
<servicename>.<teamname>.enowars.com fd00:1337:[teamid]:[serviceprefix]::1