E N O W A R S 3

Online Attack / Defense CTF competition

5th of July 2019 / 9:00 - 19:00 UTC

Hosted by ENOFLAG and SecT of TU Berlin

Hosted by ENOFLAG and SecT of TU Berlin


2019-07-08 Congratulations to Saarsec for winning ENOWARS 3! The second place goes to Bushwhackers and RedGKFRocket achieved the third place.

2019-07-05 The game network is closed. The final scoring will be published asap. Thank you for playing!

2019-07-05 The game network will be open for attacks at 10:30 UTC and close at 19:00 UTC.

2019-07-05 The decryption key for the vulnbox is released: M4k3.L0v3.N0T.W4R<3

2019-07-04 The encrypted vulnbox is released.

2019-07-04 Registration is closed now.

2019-07-03 VPN configuration, team router and test VM are now ready for download.

2019-07-02 512€ reward for the first team announced.

2019-06-18 Registration is open now.

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They don't let us think for ourselves.

The Internet is under constant surveillance, firewalled and ruled by fake accounts and spam bots.

Once glorious, CTFtime.org is now buried.

For our counter attack, ENOFLAG calls upon you, - the most powerful hackers - to join us in this fight.

To find the chosen one, ENOFLAG hosts an epic underground tournament, "ENOWARS 3".

Armed with advanced cyber weapons and human brains, teams from around the world try their best to save mankind.

But can they patch malicious services and restore the web to its former glory?

WTF is Attack / Defense CTF?

Thanks to LiveOverflow for sharing this video with us.

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CTF-Team & Workgroup for Computer Security at the TU Berlin


IRC: #ENOWARS on freenode

MAIL: mail@enowars.com